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Traditional Chinese Herbs

Traditional Chinese herbs/ Chinese herbs basic theory.

Four Herbal Soup

Autumn drink soup is the best way of keeping in good health, we are all love to drink soup, when you eat, a bowl of soup is very nutritious. Autumn is very dry, this time we need to eat some runfei food, so for the prevention of disease has played a very good effect.

Apricot sword pig lung soup

Material: south almonds 12 grams, 30 grams of sword spend one (bright sword 250 grams), glazed date 2, 500 g fresh pig lung.

Practice: first the fresh pig lung lavage with clear water clean, cut thick; South almonds slightly immersed in warm water to skin, rinse; Sword flowers washed with clear water infiltration,; After all things ready, south apricot, sword, jujube, pig lung, placed in a pot, add some water, with high heat, first with cook cook for 1 hour, after seasoning.

Efficacy: this soup can summer hot and can runfei cough. Qing dual standby.

Material: kidney four preserved duck, pig 500 grams, 250 grams of cabbage, jujube for four.

A cut: dehydrated vegetables; Preserved duck renal macerated with warm water, cut into pieces. The pig wash. Put all the materials in a pot, add water right amount, high heat after boiling, slow fire boil for about 2

Efficacy: dried vegetables can pass the disappear of intestines and stomach, the gas; Chen renal function under the heat gas; And talk on a pig , clearing lung heat, eliminating phlegm fire, the effect of the intestines and stomach, suitable for dry cough without phlegm, pharynx dry mouth, dry, and people of stool stem node.

Material: snow pear, herbal tea, red jujube, Chinese wolfberry, rock candy.

Wash and cut into pieces: snow pear; Herbal tea, red jujube, wolfberry fruit, wash, a small hole in the abstract. Put all these materials and rock sugar in the pot, add water and cook for half an hour.

Efficacy: fructus momordicae snow pear soup, can runfei cough, beauty to raise colour, drink is of great benefit to the body, pear is “hundreds of cases of fruit”, because of its fresh and juicy, sweet, and so there is “natural mineral water,” said. Pear is rich in B vitamins, which can protect the heart, reduce fatigue, expectorant cough, curing sore throat.

Material: tremella 20 g (about half), red jujube 20, rock candy 60 grams (according to the taste of each add weight reduction).

Practice: put tremella water found on, take off her head, tear into small pieces, with red jujube, rock sugar into the pot, add water bowl, after the fire boil, convert and cook for half an hour, can be shut down.

Efficacy: with a big red jujube soup, in now, red jujube boil soup filling body not only, still can runfei cough, for people with colds cough, drink some red jujube boil soup is very good, the tang dynasty jar is agreeable freedom by the recorded the will effect the book will be red date and tremella soup with rock sugar, can cough runfei.

Fructus Momordicae Veg Soup Diet

Pharmaceutical name: fructus Momordicae charantiaeпј›herba Momordicae charantiae

Latin botanical name: Momordica charantia L.

Common Name: bitter gourd, bitter melon (English),karela (Hindi),korola, uchhe (Bengali)пјЊampalaya (Tagalog) ,amargoso (Aklanon) ,paria, palia (in some parts of the Philipines),pare, pare pahit, paria, peria (Indonesian)пјЊperia katak (Malay)пјЊmuop dang, khГі qu? (Vietnamese),tsuru reishi (Japanese),melao de sao caetano (some part of South America),balsamina (Spanish),balsamini lunghi (Italian),springkomkommer (Dutch),assorossie, momordique, margose, melon amer, balsamine (French),wunder-balsamapfel (German)

Properties (characteristics): bitter, cold

Channels (meridians) entered: heart, lung, spleen, stomach.

1. lowers blood lipids: qingzhisu (lowering lipid substances) It only acts in the small intestine where fat is absorb. It changes the screen of the intestine cells and blocks fat and the large molecules of polysaccharide thus enhances the absorption of small molecule nutrients. It does not involve with the metabolism of the body so it does not create toxic effect. See also Toxicity & Caution item.

2. lowers blood sugar: the saponin of bitter melon possesses the effect of insulin and can stimulate insulin, and its lowering blood sugar effect is obvious. See above item

6. seed my inhibit the enzyme guanylate cyclase, which may benefit people with psoriasis

Dosage: The fruit and leaves are being used as vegetable.

For malaria control: use young immature fruit for soup with rice.

For blood sugar control, make one bitter gourds into juice and drink before meals, 3 times per day.

According to some report, for weight control: eat 2 to 3 raw bitter gourds per day.

Not to use in cases of pregnancies. The juice of the plant appears to have abortive effect.

The plant and fruit are high in potassium. It may not be suitable for shenyangxu (kidney yang deficient) type of body. Also see potassium.

It may enhance the effect of blood sugar lowering medicine.

Reports of concentrated extract of an active ingredient, "qingzhisu" has cause death from malnutrition.

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