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Paaye Ka Soup Diet Recipe In Hindi Fat Burning Soup Diet Before And After Photos

Mutton Paya Soup Recipe- Mutton Leg Soup Recipe

Mutton Paya Soup is a soup or stew made from the legs of lamb which are also called as lamb trotters and this is a very healthy soup recipe.

Do check out recipes which has mutton in it:

Mutton Paya soup has always been one of my favorites as it has all the health benefits and it is indeed a nourishing soup for kids, young ones as well as old ones.

The mutton legs or lamb legs are tenderized in such a way that all the juice from the legs is extracted and mixed with water to form a very healthy stew. The lamb legs are tenderized along with some spices to give aromatic flavor.

If one is looking forward to try mutton bones soup then do try hyderabadi marag soup recipe which is a hyderabadi cum arabic style of making soup recipe with mutton bones.

There are various ways of making mutton paya soup such as ‘Nihari’ which is again a very popular soup all across India. Here I am showing the soup recipe in typical Hyderabadi style .. and the similar versions are made across different regions of India with slight variations here and there.

The mutton soup can be taken as a plain soup or it is best to be eaten during breakfasts along with naan or roti. I usually prefer making soup rather than making curry as it is full of calcium and is hugely beneficial for joint pains.

Having any kind of soup be it a vegetarian or a non vegetarian is very healthy if taken when one is sick or ill. These soups are best during winters and rainy.

I have already posted a similar kind of recipe but here I have made a very slight variation and thought of sharing it with my blog readers.

The lamb legs have to be washed very well before making this soup recipe. The soup is also very essential for kids to strengthen their joints and they can be given a filtered soup. However it is best to consult a doctor and feed them after doctors prescription.

The mutton paya or mutton legs should take a longer time to tenderize and if done so then the thick juices from the legs are extracted perfectly.

Below is the written recipe on how to make mutton paya soup recipe which is very nutritious…..

10 Best Soup Recipes In Hindi

Sushmita Sengupta - Updated: January 18, 2018 14:22 IST

We have listed our 10 Best Soup Recipes In Hindi that will keep you warm and snug with every sip.

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This chickpea soup recipe in Hindi is wholesome, enriching and delicious in all parts

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Bursting with authentic oriental flavours, this delicious soup packs the goodness of chicken, peanuts, broccoli, rice vermicelli, coconut and fried garlic. Sip and slurp.

The delightful Thai noodle soup in Hindi is sure to leave you wanting for more

Recipe by Chef Hui Shing

Now whip this authentic Chinese delight in the comfort of your kitchen

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Recipe by Chef Vicky Ratnani

The rich soup recipe in Hindi is sure to delight you from within

Recipe by Chef Jareuk Sri Arun, The ITC

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Prepare yourself these heartwarming cups of soups and enjoy the explosion of flavours.

मिक्स वेजिटेबल सूप - Mix Vegetable Soup

मिक्स वेजिटेबल सूप सभी को पसंद आता है. श्याम को खाने से पहले ढेर सारी पौष्टिक सब्ज़ियों से बने इस टेस्टी और हेल्दी सूप का मज़ा ज़रूर लें.

ज़रूरी सामग्री:

  • गाजर - 1 मीडियम आकार की (छोटी छोटी कतरी हुई)
  • फूल गोभी - एक चौथाई गोभी (एक कटोरी कतरा हुई)
  • हरे मटर के दाने - आधा कटोरी
  • शिमला मिर्च - 1 मीडियम आकार की (बीज निकाल कर, बारीक कतरी हुई)
  • अदरक - 1 इंच लम्बा टुकड़ा कद्दूकस कर लें या पेस्ट बना लें
  • कार्न फ्लोर - 1 बड़ा चम्मच
  • मक्खन - 2 बड़े चम्मच
  • काली मिर्च - आधी छोटी चम्मच
  • सफेद मिर्च - आधा छोटा चम्मच
  • चिल्ली सास - 1 बड़ा चम्मच
  • नमक - स्वादानुसार
  • नीबू - आधा
  • हरा धनियां - 1 बड़ा चम्मच (कटा हुआ)

2 बडे़ चम्मच पानी में कार्न फ़्लोर को अच्छे से घोल लें ताकि गुठलियां ना बनें.

अब एक मोटे तले के पैन में मक्खन गर्म करके उसमें अदरक और पहले से काट कर तैयार की सारी सब्ज़ियां डाल कर 2 मिनट तक चलाते हुए हल्की आंच पर भून लें. अब इनको 2 मिनट के लिए ढक कर धीमी आँच पर पकाएं.

तैयार सब्ज़ियों में 600 ग्राम पानी मिला दें. अब कार्न फ़्लोर के घोल, नमक, काली मिर्च, सफ़ेद मिर्च और चिल्ली सास मिला कर उबाल आने तक चलाते हुए पकाएं. उबाल आने के बाद सूप को 3-4 मिनट के लिए धीमी आँच पर पका लें. फिर गैस बंद करके सूप में नींबू का रस मिला दें.

मिक्स वेजिटेबल सूप तैयार है. सूप बाउल में तैयार सूप को डाल कर मक्खन और धनिया डाल कर परोसें.

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