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How to Lose 15-20 Pounds by Eating Soup

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Rhonda, Sharon and Tina are on our Kickstart campaign.

It was a night of surprises with these three cheeky checkout chicks. We sprung Rhonda at the register to join our Kickstart campaign.

Then sprung her outside having a smoke!

At the surgery, her blood pressure went right through the roof.

While in the waiting room we sprung Sharon sipping on wine.

But it was Tina who delivered the biggest bombshell of all.

“I've been on heaps of diets and I've never made Day Two - on any diet - ever!” Said Tina

And her insulin levels were almost off-scale.

Sharon's insulin was up there too - so, problems aplenty, but none we can't solve.

“It might be the reason why you're finding it hard to lose weight.” Said Dr John and Sharon

As always, the first two weeks are all about soup - a tomato base, full of fresh veg.

Rhonda's a Size Fourteen, weighs sixty-six kilos and is ninety-seven centimetres around the waist.

Sharon's a Sixteen, eighty-six kilos and a-hundred-and-five centimetres.

Tina's an Eighteen, eighty-six k's and a-hundred-and-four.

If they follow our plan, they'll lose up to a kilo a week - as long as, for now, they to stick to our soup.

“You can't say I’m going to the park, i can't take the soup - wrong. Why? Because you can take your soup. You put it in a thermos. You can put it in a thermos. But don't forget - it's not just soup - it's a whole plan.” Said Dr John with Three Volunteers

It sure is - breakfast is served - of choice of omelettes, yoghurt, smoothies and fruit.

For snacks we've got more fresh fruit and even some nuts.

Lunchtime is crunch time with our Kickstart soup.

And for dinner - a second soup serving.

“I need to wee - can we wee?” Said Sharon

You sure can Sharon - and while she steps out, I'll say this: there's no need to starve. Our Kickstart soup is all-you-can-eat, so have as much as you like to make you feel full. We've also drawn up a huge list of fruit and veges - eat them on their own or as salads or stir frys - you can even spice them up with a selection of sauces.

“And that is it. What do you reckon? I think it's time for the stove. Time for the stove, off to the stove.” Said Dr John and Volunteers

And one last thing - there's a SECOND soup option. Don't like veges? Go Asian instead.

“I could eat this – constantly. Well, you're going to for the next two weeks.” Said Dr John and 3 Volunteers

So there you go - our kickstart recipe for phase one will be on the web tonight - and in a couple of weeks i'll introduce you to the second phase of the program - and if you're following along with us at home - don't forget to whack off a photograph - write down your weight and your waist measurement - we'd like to see some of your before and afters in about a month's time - good luck!

7 Days Kick Start Soup Diet Plan

Here are your diet soup recipes for 7 days kick start soup diet plan. Have it 4-5 times a day (or whenever you feel hungry) with plenty of water in your diet. These soups are super low in calories and very delicious in taste. These soups are super low in calories and very delicious in taste. While you are doing this soup diet, you can lose 10 pounds (4.5 kg) of weight in 7 days or even more. Do not forget to get your scale ready to weigh yourself every morning.

7 Days Kick Start Soup Diet Plan Recipes:

Day 1: Moroccan chickpea soup

Here is Moroccan chickpea soup . This soup is easy to make and you can use other vegetables as well to make this soup.

Day 2: Carrot and coriander soup

Here is Carrot and coriander soup . This soup is very healthy and full of fiber.

Here is Pea and mint soup . This soup is very low in calories and super easy.

Here is Versatile veg soup . This is a basic veg soup. Use whatever vegetables you have got handy to make this soup.

Day 5: Indian chickpea and vegetable soup

Here is Indian chickpea and vegetable soup . This soup is Indian soup as it has garam masala powder. You can add curry powder to make curried chickpea and vegetable soup.

Day 6: Chunky Mediterranean fish soup

Here is Chunky Mediterranean fish soup . Hoki fish is used in this soup. You can use any fish to make soup like this.

Day 7: Thai chicken and mushroom broth

Here is Thai chicken and mushroom broth . This thai soup has got shredded chicken and sliced mushrooms and cooked with thai red curry paste.

Story Details

Well, how time flies - can you believe it's been ten years since we kicked off with Kickstart? And there's plenty to celebrate far from a fad diet, this one has stood the test of time. And the reason is simple - with an early rapid weight loss to get you all excited, then a healthy eating plan to last you for life, Kickstart works. It's a diet many of us have tried once - and, birthday cakes aside, there have been many happy returns.

“I thought if it was good enough for my patients, it would be good enough for me,” said Professor Andrew Sindone.

It was 2003 when Professor Andrew Sindone - one of our top heart doctors - was researching a weight loss plan for patients. He stumbled across a new cyber diet, which worked for them - and for him.

Professor Sindone managed to lose weight without too much effort, “I lost fifteen kilograms in six months - without really trying very hard.”

“I lost weight and saved money - can't ask for any more, can you?” said Paul Bee - one of our very first Kickstart contenders. And he knew he wasn't alone, “Everyone's talking about it.”

Yep, word spread like wildfire. Here at Today Tonight, two-and-a-half-million of you tuned in to watch the Soup Sisters put Kickstart to the test.

“I need to lose twenty kilos and hopefully this new soup diet will work,” said Kickstarter, Merrick Mess

“Meanwhile, our mail boy was run ragged - posting out 160 thousand Kickstart plans as we all lined up to give it a go - including yours truly. Three belt notches down!” said Doctor John D’Arcy.

We even took an entire family with some unhealthy eating habits. From munching on kebabs to a new healthy diet this family was Kickstarted into healthy eating.

But it's not just about good eating - it's good exercise as well. Christine Chandler put in the hard work, “So I'm out there walking an hour a day.” All that work paid off in the end and Christine was able to throw away all her old clothes.

And, a decade on, those success stories keep coming. Just last year we watched Gloria, Susie and Michelle embark on their Kickstart campaign and as a team they managed to shed the kilos. “Woo! Eighty-nine kilos - woo! I've lost three kilos in three days,” Gloria exclaimed after stepping on the scales. Good on you, girls - and well done.

Now, just like the rest of us, in the last ten years Kickstart has matured, as we've learnt more about weight loss. We've slashed the salt levels and made it much more than soup, with plenty of critical low GI healthy foods that fill you up, but aren’t full of fat. Now, we're tweaking Kickstart again for twenty-thirteen - and I'm keen to hear from anyone who's ready to give it a go.

“It will promote quick weight loss at the start - but let's face facts - we really need to look at the long term,” said dietician Geraldine Georgeou who has been on our Kickstart ride right from day one.

“Actually looking at the whole volume of food - incorporating lean protein in each meal - feeling full and happy - and in the long term you'll have a long lasting weight loss,” she explained.

One thing is for sure, as the results keep on rolling in more and more Australians are Kickstarting their lives and losing weight. “Oh my God, I'm a hundred-and-two-point-five! That's awesome! That is fantastic!” said Michelle Wakesell.

Kick Start diet revamp

Adding in raw Components with a Green Juice and a Green Smoothie

Phase 1 - goes for 7 days

Breakfast – Green Juice, two Juice Plus Fruit Capsules (Nutrient booster, no calories)

Mid morning – Green Smoothie

Mid afternoon – Green Juice

Dinner – Soup, two Juice Plus Vegetable Capsules (Nutrient booster, no calories)

Before bed – Green Smoothie

Lots of water and herbal or green teas

Phase 2 – we are adding in more plant based proteins, legumes, nuts and seeds. Wholefoods are the key to long term success.

Kick Start whole food soup recipe

2 bunches kale, collard greens or other greens (rough stems and centre ribs removed and leaves chopped)

2 cups fresh mushrooms (shitake, cremini and or white chopped)

Fresh herbs of choice

2 x massel vegetable stock cubes

2 large cans crushed tomatoes

2 cans liquid vegetable stock

1 bunch celery, including leaves

3 green capsicums

2 cups green beans

Kick Start raw live food green smoothie recipe

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