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How to Lose 15-20 Pounds by Eating Soup

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Paleo Soup Recipes

Curried Cauliflower And Kale Soup

Have you ever noticed that most soups go from chopped vegetables to pre-warmed soup bowls in less than an hour.

Cream of Mushroom Soup

Butter. Flour. Cream. Sounds like just the right ingredients for a divine cake, yet these are the basics for a.

Creamy Broccoli and Carrot Soup

When the cold weather comes rolling in, there is nothing better than a steaming pot of soup to end the.

Cabbage Soup

When you imagine a steaming pot of cabbage soup, your mind naturally adds meat to the ingredient list, some kind.

Vietnamese beef pho is a dish to behold for lovers of Asian food – the fragrant broth combined with thinly.

Asparagus Soup

Asparagus soup is creamy and light, and best made when the enchanting green stalks are in season, but if you.

Keto Seafood Chowder

At first glance, you may ponder the flavor combination of seafood and coconut milk, as it may sound strange to.

Keto Slow Cooker Chicken Soup

Spring, summer, winter or fall – there is always the desire to eat soup. When it is made in a.

Paleo Broccoli Soup

As the leaves begin to fall to the ground, we begin to desire hearty soups and stews that warm us.

Paleo Taco Soup

Tacos are incredibly delicious, in fact they may be one of the best foods ever invented. If you are used.

Tomato And Cucumber Gazpacho

Many of us may have heard the term “gazpacho” in the past, but what is this dish exactly? The first.

Chicken and Coconut Curry Soup

When the weather is cold and you need something to warm you up, soup is the perfect lunch or dinner.

Simple and Thick Carrot Soup

Soup, that simple and tasty staple of many meals, is one of the best comfort foods – and this recipe.

Tomato Fish Chowder

Are you a lover of fish and seafood recipes? Do you revel in the taste of fish? If your answer.

Slow Cooker Beef And Onion Stew

Tomatoes and rich beef broth give this hearty beef stew a flavorful base. Toss in pearl onions, sweet potatoes, celery and.

Polish-Style Pork Cabbage Soup

Polish cabbage soup — reminiscent of the Polish soup called kapusniak — is traditionally made to be Paleo-friendly. While there.

Squash, Carrots and Orange Soup

Gather the taste of fall in your spoon with this pureed soup of carrots, squash and orange. Pureed soups are.

Ham Chowder

Did you say clam chowder, or ham chowder? It’s a tongue twister, but this ham chowder holds it’s own in.

Fall Chunky Beef Roasted Bell Pepper Stew

Nothing says comfort like cozying up to a big bowl of hearty stew on a chilly evening. Filled with tender.

Slow Cooker Butternut Squash And Apple Soup

A slow cooker is a Paleo-eater’s best friend. This sweet, creamy and aromatic soup takes full of advantage of all.

Mussels And Shrimp Chowder

This savory and flavorful chowder is stocked with fresh vegetables, seafood, pancetta, and cooks quite quickly. The chunky vegetables will.

Beef, Tomato And Red Bell Pepper Soup

Beef and tomatoes really bring out the best parts of each other, especially that rich, savory flavor with just a.

Creamy Chicken And Vegetable Soup

This soup is pure comfort food: warm chunks of carrots and sweet potato in a rich chicken broth with a.

Turnip, Potato, And Pear Soup

It’s not exactly a typical combination, but try it out and you might be surprised! The potatoes (use white or.

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Mushroom & “Chicken” Stroganoff

Mushroom & “Chicken” Stroganoff

Last year I was on the search for the perfect stroganoff — like the kind I’ve had at friend’s houses over the years. Finally I broke down and asked my friend Andrea for her parents’ recipe and I was not dissappointed. This recipe is exactly as I remembered.

This recipe is so simple that it’s my go-to recipe for a quick meal — or a post church lunch. I’ve modified the recipe to accommodate the Game On Diet by substituting the sour cream for Greek yogurt. I can’t tell the difference.

I also used Worthington Loma Linda FriChik for the protein. Actually you can substitute this for anything you like — beef, chicken, etc.

Give the recipe a try, and then please let me know what you think. I’m interested in knowing if you love this stroganoff recipe just as my as I do.

Mushroom & “Chicken” Stroganoff

1 can of vegecuts or gluten

1 cup Greek Yogurt

3 tablespoons Oil

1 pkt dry Onion Soup

Hot cooked Rice or Noodles

Cut vegecuts in 1/4 inch strips and brown lightly in oil. Add liquid from vegecuts, mushrooms and onion soup. Simmer gently. Add sour cream just before serving.

Game On Diet Recipes!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Braised Fennel

1 bulb of fennel

drizzle of olive oil

drizzle of balsamic vinegar

salt and pepper

1-1 1/2 C broth (veggie or chicken, whatever you have) or water

Optional: other veggies like peas, kale, chard etc. We used Trader Joes broccoli slaw and it was really good.

Pour in your broth and settle your fennel halves into the broth. Put a lid on the pan and cook for 7-10 minutes. Check it and make sure it doesn't dry out, if so then add a bit more broth. Flip the fennel and cook for a few more minutes, until the fennel is firm, but soft enough that you want to eat it!

Turkey Meatballs!

1lb ground turkey

2 slices whole wheat bread, cut into tiny cubes OR whole wheat breadcrumbs, 1/2 C

1 clove garlic, minced

1 tsp olive oil

1/2 onion, chopped into 1/4" pieces

a few pinches salt and pepper

optional: 1/4 C parmesan cheese

also optional: 2 handfuls fresh spinach

Drizzle a little olive oil in a pan and cook the onion until it is translucent. If using spinach, turn off the heat and add to the pan, mixing in with the onion until it is wilted.

In a bowl, mix the turkey, bread crumbs, garlic, cooked onion (and spinach if using), italian seasoning, salt and pepper, and 1 egg very well. Also add parmesan if you are using it. Use your hands to really get it all mixed up! If its feels too dry add another egg. If it feels too wet add some more breadcrumbs.

Grease a baking sheet with olive oil. Make golf-ball sized meatballs and space them evenly on the pan. Bake for 14-16 minutes, until its done all the way through and is a little crispy on the outside. You may need to do two batches. Makes about 28 meatballs.

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