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How to Lose 15-20 Pounds by Eating Soup

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The Onion Diet Soup Fat Burning Soup Diet Before And After Photos

Onion Soup Diet

Onion Soup Diet has been worked out for onion soup lovers and for those who enjoy European cuisine in general. You can lose about 9 lbs or even more keeping this diet for 7 days.

The main and essential dish of the Onion Soup Diet is onion soup which is included in daily dietary intake. There are lots of onion soup recipes. Slender and Slim suggest you the following one (6 servings):

Slender and Slim Onion Soup Recipe

  • 2 (10.5 ounce) cans beef broth or vegetable broth
  • 3 tablespoons vegetable oil
  • 4 onions, sliced
  • 2 green peppers, cut
  • 1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce
  • 1 pinch ground black pepper

Cook and stir onions in vegetable oil in a covered large saucepan over medium heat for 20 minutes. Stir in the beef broth, Worcestershire sauce and black pepper; heat to a boil. Remove from heat.

The suggested dieting soup is very easy and quick to cook. It's also very delicious! You will lose weight with pleasure.

You can also take another onion soup recipe for the weight loss diet. Just don't add any alcohol (white wine), cheese or croutons in your soup (do you remember it's a diet?). Avoid bread, cola drinks and alcohol.

Onion Soup Diet. On the menu:

Day 1: soup, fruit (except grapes and bananas);

Day 2: soup, vegetables, 1 baked potato for dinner;

Day 3: soup, fruit and vegetables;

Day 4: soup, fruit, vegetables and fat-free milk;

Day 5: soup, a bit of beef and tomatoes;

If you'd like to lose weight keeping Onion Soup Diet you can join Slender and Slim Dieting online program. Remember, that better results will be achieved if you combine a diet with weight loss exercises or other kind of physical activity.

Our visitors' comments:

Christophe, 35: "My family like onion soup. Now they love it more. I lost 19.6 lbs after the diet. Now my wife is on onion soup she hopes to break the record!"

The Onion Soup Diet

The onion soup diet is kin to the more famous cabbage soup diet, which involves eating a cabbage- and onion-based soup as a staple food for a full week. As the soup is so low in calories, it encourages steady weight loss. However, the soup neglects to fulfill all nutritional needs, and the weight loss is not likely to be permanent.

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For people who normally eat many processed and prepared foods, the onion soup diet plan may deliver more vitamins and minerals because it calls for so many fresh vegetables. According to MyPyramid, eating more vegetables and fruits can reduce risks of cancer, diabetes, stroke, heart disease, bone loss and kidney stones. For short-term weight loss, the onion soup diet often proves to be successful due to the very low calorie count it allows each day.

Although it can meet the objective of helping you lose weight, the onion soup diet is not a nutritionally sound or healthy way to do so. It doesn’t call for servings from every major food group and does not provide all essential nutrients that the body needs to function at its best. Additionally, the restrictive and limiting nature of the diet make it unsustainable in the long term, meaning that most of the weight it takes off is likely to come back on in a short period of time.

The onion soup diet calls for participants to eat the homemade, onion-based soup every day as their main meal item. details the rest of the instructions. On Day 1, fruit is also allowed, except for bananas. On Day 2, vegetables are permitted. Day 3 allows fruits and vegetables, and Day 4 also allows skim milk. Followers may eat tomatoes and some meat or fish on Day 5, beef and vegetables on Day 6 and brown rice, vegetables and fruit juice on the last day.

According to, the recipe for soup in the diet is based on a package of powdered onion soup mix. It includes one package of the mix, six green onions, two green bell peppers, a can of tomatoes, one bunch of celery, half a head of cabbage, a 48-ounce can of V8 vegetable juice and optional seasonings and bouillon.


The onion soup diet is not likely to cause long-term health problems, but if you try it along with other fad diets, it may negatively affect your metabolism and make it more difficult for you to lose weight in a safe and healthy way. Healthy weight loss involves regular exercise and balanced eating; the National Institutes of Health recommend whole grains, nonfat dairy, lean proteins, fruits and vegetables. Before beginning the onion soup diet or any related plan, speak with your doctor.

Onion Diet Benefits and Recipes for Healthy Weight Loss

Onion soup along with other onion diet healthy eating plans are a great way to diet up when other diets fail to show results letting the food you eat do all the work.

The onion diet including onion soup is an irreplaceable port of anyone's healthy eating plans of following a diet that works. Getting more onions in your diet may be just what you need to start making maintaining weight a piece of cake.

What are the health benefits of eating onions in your diet?

Acting as a natural fat blocker and promoting smooth bowel movement is why the onion has long been considered one of the world's healthiest foods. Just by continuing to eat onions on the onion diet you can appreciate the amazing health benefits and even shed off a few pounds while you are at it.

Just the thought of having to deal with scary problems like the hardening of arteries makes you want to shrivel up in a shell waiting for less rain. However, just as long as you are on the onion diet you don't have to worry. That's why with little effort you can wrap your diet around with onions by incorporating it into your cooking.

In this next Slism, we will take on the onion diet going over exactly why you should eat more onions when trying to lose weight with 3 simple onion diet recipesthat anyone can do ending with more on what should be avoided when on the onion diet.

The Onion Diet and Healthy Eating Plans For Diets That Work

The first step in getting started with thee onion diet is incorporating healthy onions into your daily cooking.

Although there are so many recipes that use onions, here are three that are particularly low in calories and easy to prepare giving you more time to exercise. As for the best timing, there is no such rule. All you have to do is add over 50g of onions to your diet. (Note that 1 Onion Is Approximately 200 Grams)

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