Soup Maker Weight Loss Recipes

How to Lose 15-20 Pounds by Eating Soup

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Weight Loss Soups

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Soup Maker Weight Loss Recipes

Hi! I found your blog via the Weight Watchers forum and I am happily browsing through all your yummy recipes.

There are 2 timer settings- one for smooth pureed soups and one for chunky. but then there is a 'blend' one so you can blitz it to the consistency you want if you are not sure when you start. There's also a setting for juices and smoothies. You can stop the machine, but it would start the programme again from the beginning when you restart. If it's very hot when you stop it, you would have to wait for it to cool down a bit before restarting. I season my soup before, then test and 'season up' once it's finished. Can't see that it would be a problem. Hope this helps! x

I think I shall have to treat myself to one of these 'soup makers'. I love the idea of veggies, seasoning & water and the machine does the rest. I usually 'sweat' the ingredients - takes time and my presence! Excellent Janey!

Yes it's great as long as you are happy with small quantities ( about 4 bowlfuls) Leo35 xx

My soup maker arrives tomorrow :)

I like to add red lentils to my soups, can they be used in the soup maker?

Hi Lorraine-I've just checked in the manual. They have a recipe for Lamb & Lentil Broth and suggest using tinned lentils so the answer is yes! Enjoy yours, I'm sure you will :)

brilliant machine.. I have bought one today and as soon as it was out of the box I was using it. I used a packed of fresh stir fry veg with stock cube and a couple of slices of left over corned beef thrown in for a meaty flavour. absolutely delicious. I can see it being used every day now..

Sounds great Sue! And I'm sure you will use it all the time! Enjoy! x

Hi, we love our soup maker ! My favourite is sweet potato and butternut squash, chop into smallish chunks, add a veg stock cube and fill up to 1.3 litres with water, season with dried chives,black pepper and a pinch of cayenne pepper, set on smooth, then when finished add a dash of cream and blend for 20 seconds, Just Lovely! I could live on this lol xx

I have the same machine. I've always liked to make soup and its not that hard, but like you I'm amazed at how much I love this machine.

I now make soup at least twice a week and also make batches up specifically to portion up and freeze to take to work etc.

Hi Janey, I thought I'd post just to show that older posts still get attention and help a lot. I've just found your blog and I am on (my first) major crusade to loose weight (better late then never at 55). So - lots of your blogs still to view and recipes to try. I think the soup maker is great and my wife and I are off to look for one tomorrow. Best Wishes

Hi Garden Hermit! That's great! Thanks for your lovely words and good luck on your weight loss quest and with the soup maker! Xx

I love my machine too. I use it to cook pre-soaked lentils and chick peas (on the chunky soup setting). It works a treat!

Best kitchen gadget I have ever bought use mine every week

Can anyone tell me if butternut squash has to be peeled first please?

Hi Barbara - definitely peel butternut squash for soup but you can leave it on if roasting- just wash well first x

Ive tried making chilli tomato and basil soup but keeps over heating and cuts out . Even after a good clean (Big Bonus) and cooling down period of 2-3 hrs it still trips out and burns the bottom of the unit . Any ideas please,

Hi Gordon- I'd contact their customer service team- sounds like yours may be faulty? X

Thank you, Happy New Year xx

Hi all, I got my soup maker yesterday..unsure as to the quanyity of veg I can add. is it up to the water max level too?

Hi Angela . The total volume of veg and water should come up to the fill line. If you overfill, the machine will cut out x

Can I add cooked chicken and mushrooms to my machine and would I need to add water or chick stock?

Hi Nette, I just checked the manufacturers handbook and- yes you can add cooked chicken, never any raw meats . I would personally add stock rather than plain waster to get the flavour into your soup . Mushrooms will be fine too! X

Just got my soup maker today and been googling for recipes to try. Yours look great and i cant wait to try them. Great wee site have now bookmarked.xx

Nice machine for making soup, thanks for sharing.

Hi i have a soup maker i used it twice and then it cut out with one line floating up on the led screen. The soup was hot but not mixed or smoothed. It cut out after 5 minutes of use.

Hi Janey, I love you site. I also have the Morphy Richards soup maker, I have been using it every other day for the last 18 months or so, it's fantastic. I am going to try some of your recipes for a change. I wouldn't like to be without it now it's so easy.

Can you use frozen veg in soup machine

Michelle. I am loving this machine ,a and bought 3 more for friends Christmas presents . Thanks for the blog.

Michelle. I am loving this machine ,a and bought 3 more for friends Christmas presents . Thanks for the blog.

Michelle. I am loving this machine ,a and bought 3 more for friends Christmas presents . Thanks for the blog.

The morphy Richard soup maker is fantastic. How I lived without it until recently? It really makes my life much easier. I wonder if anybody knows if it is healthier than the pot made soups?

I just read Unknown's question about frozen vegetables. I add to my soups frozen beans, lentils and peas and it comes out very well. The only note i saying that use it with other raw vegetables.

I got so involved in this material that I couldn’t stop reading. I am impressed with your work and skill. Thank you so much. morphy richards saute and soup maker

Slimming World Curried Butternut Squash Soup In The Soup Maker

Welcome to my latest recipe and this is my Slimming World Curried Butternut Squash Soup in the soup maker. Loaded with lots of Slimming World speed foods such as butternut squash and carrot along with spices from your kitchen cupboard, this Slimming World recipe is perfect for kick starting your weight loss.

Also welcome to a brand new theme here at We are featuring a range of Slimming World recipes along with us following Slimming World personally to highlight wholesome cooking and getting lots of extra vegetables into our diet.

For those of you that don’t know Slimming World, then in a nutshell it is British diet that focuses on low fat, carbs whenever you want them and never feeling hungry. So in other words you can eat pasta bakes everyday and still lose weight.

But that is not how I always remember Slimming World. As Slimming World to me always meant watching my mum make the most enormous pan of soup you had ever seen. She would do it one of those old fashioned silver pans and it would be cooking all day. She would then tuck into the soup and would have a week that involved a big weight loss.

In many respects it would remind me of the cabbage soup diet and I would giggle and refuse the soup, because it looked rather boring.

But that was in the early 90’s and Slimming World was (like most diets then) really boring. Nobody seemed to have any imagination then and we didn’t have the likes of Facebook Groups or Pinterest to share recipes with each other from around the world.

So the plan is to make Slimming World recipes modern, interesting and full of flavour. And that is exactly what I am kick starting with right now.

This Slimming World Curried Butternut Squash Soup is made with loads of carrots, loads of butternut squash, plenty of spice and quark in order to give it an amazing creamy texture. We then cooked it to perfection in our Morphy Richards Soup Maker.

Then for my first day back at Slimming World I will be having this for breakfast (yes really) and for dinner. Then a normal SP lunch.

So bring it on. Get lost in the moment with some delicious soup and remind yourself what wholesome vegetables can be like.

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