Bioskop Grimelunds Vei 7 Day Soup Diet Recipe

How to Lose 15-20 Pounds by Eating Soup

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Bioskop Grimelunds Vei 7 Day Soup Diet Recipe Fat Burning Soup Diet Before And After Photos

A 7-Day Fat Flush Cabbage Soup Diet Plan: Recipe and Guidelines

The fat flush soup diet consists of undergoing a dietary plan in which a cabbage soup is the main dish. However, its use should not extend beyond seven days, because, when the consumption of other foods is suppressed, large amounts of nutrients are lost that the body requires to functioning correctly at the time of performing its vital functions.

As its name indicates, its purpose is to accelerate the burning or combustion of fats, while being excellent for purification, leading to the elimination of toxins and retained liquids. Loss of muscle volume is possible, although not alarming since the regimen also includes proteins in the days after it has started.

Originally, the cabbage soup diet was implemented in patients who would be surgically operated, so that they can cleanse their body effectively and allow the heart to have a better state, thanks to the elimination of toxins. Every time the regimen ended, changes in the percentage of body fat in patients were notorious and this was how it became so popular that it is nowadays being a diet of last resort for people who wish to lose fat in a short time.

Another difference between the fat burning soup plan and other regimens is that with the first you can burn fats naturally, since the vegetables included in it, require a greater number of calories to be metabolized than those consumed. Not to mention also that it also unlocks a thermogenic effect that induces an increase in the metabolic rate, giving way to a greater combustion of adipose tissue.

People who follow this diet begin to notice results from the third day, and by the end will have lost large amounts of fat. Although it is difficult to mention a specific amount, since each body is different and therefore reacts differently to the plan, the truth is that weight loss is certain, even taking into account the short duration.

Previous considerations

Before following this diet, it is important to take into account that it is a very difficult diet to carry out, in the aspect of which it is very limited in the consumption of complementary foods like bread, sausages, etc. That is why it is widely recommended to have a previous psychological preparation and thus to control the anxiety caused by hunger.

Due to lack of food such as meat and other vegetables, it should not be carried out for more than seven days, otherwise, it would be subjecting the body to a nutrient deficit that would lead to the development of serious medical conditions.

It is very important to maximize the consumption of water to two liters per day, although if you prefer you can drink natural fruit juices, trying to sweeten them with honey or stevia.

Analysis of the composition of the fat flush cabbage soup

As already mentioned above, the effectiveness of the fat flush soup is due to the inclusion of different ingredients, including vegetables that have purifying and thermogenic properties that have a very important influence on the health of the metabolism.

To make this powerful soup, you need the use of these ingredients:

– Cabbage: this leafy green is composed mainly of potassium, sulfur, calcium, and acidic mineral salts. It is excellent for regulating the digestive tract, so it can relieve constipation. It is also good for skin health and contributes 40 calories per 100 grams.

– Onion: they are characterized by being depurative, contain sulfur, potassium, and phosphorus, in addition, they act as alkalizer that leads to the detoxification of the body. At the same time, it has a greater composition in water, so its caloric value is extremely low: it contributes only 20 calories per 100 grams.

– Celery: it contains chlorine, potassium, calcium, sodium, copper, and sulfur. It also has diuretic properties, which help remove excess uric acid and works as a very good tonic for the brain. Due to its composition in water, it contributes only 19 calories per 100 grams, in addition to that, the body requires a greater number of these calories so that it can be metabolized.

– Tomatoes: they are rich in potassium and Vitamin E that is ideal for skin care. They also have diuretic and revitalizing properties, as well as helping to protect the cardiovascular system. Its energy value is reduced to 19 calories per 100 grams.

– Carrots: they are rich in fiber, one of the most important substances when it comes to losing weight. Fiber cannot be digested by the body, it simply passes through the digestive system and drags other foods with it. However, the body tries to digest it anyway, so it sends more digestive enzymes and this, in turn, causes the rest of the food to digest better, have a feeling of being full for longer and accelerate metabolism. Carrots are also incredibly rich in nutrients such as beta-carotene, vitamin A, and potassium while providing 41 calories per 100 grams.

– Green peppers: they have antioxidants in the form of Vitamin C and other minerals such as potassium, phosphorus, chlorine, magnesium, sulfur, and calcium. They also provide large amounts of fiber that stimulate and prolong the sensation of satiety while supplying only 10 calories per 100 grams.

The recipe is extremely easy to prepare. The ingredients and their portions are mentioned below.

– 6 medium onions, chopped into squares

– 6 skinless tomatoes, chopped

– 3 chopped celery stalks

– 3 chopped carrots

– 2 large green peppers, chopped

– Salt and pepper to taste

– Water (mineral water can also be used)

– Add the chopped vegetables in a large saucepan with the boiling water. The volume of water covers the vegetables completely for a proper cooking.

– Cover the pan and boil the ingredients for a long period of time until they are completely cooked.

– Add salt and pepper to season.

Once ready, it can be consumed immediately, preferably hot to enhance thermogenesis. The rest can be stored in a closed container and refrigerated until the next consumption.

Due to its components, it has a valuable metabolic effect as well as a substantial contribution in vitamins and minerals that improve the metabolic rate of the organism. Some of these components are sodium and magnesium, as well as Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) working at the cellular level.

After the ingestion of this soup, a greater energetic liberation takes place, inducing to the burning of fats and increasing the vitality of the body. It is also good for patients with respiratory diseases, as it helps to fight congestion.

Structure of this vegetable soup diet

This diet is designed to be followed only for seven days and in each day, food consumption varies from the previous one.

This is the most difficult day. Food should be limited only to the consumption of the fat flush soup, although other fresh fruits may be added, as long as they do not contain large amounts of sugars and fats (bananas, nuts, avocado are some of the foods that should be avoided at this stage).

As for the fluid intake, it has to be important, as the constant waste of fluids through the urine, can greatly reduce the levels of sodium in the body.

On this day you should also only consume the cabbage soup, although you can add fresh vegetables. Some examples are asparagus, spinach, broccoli and other herbs. It is important not to add peas, beans, corn or other foods with high glycemic index, however natural they may be, as they would only interrupt the combustion of adipose tissue.

Vegetables can be eaten, whether boiled, grilled or roasted, although under no circumstances should be added greases like butter, oil spray or olive oil.

Fruit intake is not recommended on this day.

After this day, you will begin to notice the first results in terms of weight loss, although it is not yet time to sing victory, much less leave the regimen to continue with a normal life.

During the third day, it will be possible to ingest the soup, as well as the fruits and vegetables of the first two days, trying as always, to avoid foods rich in quickly absorbed carbohydrates.

If you have not noticed any change, do not despair, each body reacts differently, plus there is still more than half of the plan to follow.

For day four, in addition to the soup, you should also include the consumption of bananas. Because of their contribution in sugar, you can better control the cravings for junk food like candy bars and cakes.

It is advisable to consume a minimum of three bananas and a maximum of six throughout the day. Do not forget to drink water or natural juices.

By this time, it will be easier to follow the diet since the body has become accustomed to reduced food intake.

On this day it will be possible to consume proteins of plant origin, as well as lean meats from beef, or from chicken, specifically, the breast. It is important that all fat is removed before cooking (grilled or baked), so in the case of the breast, this should not have the skin.

Consumption of the fat burning soup can be limited to once a day, while the intake of meat, should rise to 500 grams in total.

The sixth day should be the same as before, giving priority to protein consumption, but do not forget to take the soup. If necessary, do not hesitate to prepare another, following the same steps as in the previous one, although with the reduced portions, since you are at the end of the regimen.

During this day you should also include the vegetables of the second day, cooking them on the grill or boiled in the same broth of the cabbage soup.

For this day it will be crucial to integrate the consumption of slow absorption carbohydrates. In this case is recommended the intake of brown rice, ensuring that its preparation does not carry an excessive amount of oil, and if possible, oil-free. To do this you must use a Teflon pan or a ceramic pan.

You can take as much soup as you want and do not forget the fruits and vegetables.


In order for this diet to work, it is very important to carry it out in the way it is indicated. At the end of the regimen, the results will be noticeable, even losing 8 to 16 pounds, although clearly, the figure may vary depending on the metabolism of each person.

Due to the cleansing properties of the vegetables included, people who suffer from fluid retention will benefit, while they will see greater weight loss compared to healthier people.

The main reason why this vegetable soup diet works is that by not consuming carbohydrates, the body is forced to use accumulated fat as its main source of energy. That, in addition to that the calories that are ingested, are intimate in comparison to those that are used for the metabolization of the food and to carry out the daily activities.

It is important that this diet is not followed for more than seven days, although it can intercalate through the weeks. That is, if it is desired, a second round can be carried out two weeks after the first one has finished. Once finished, you should follow a moderate and healthy diet to not regain lost weight.

Points to consider

– It is important to rest properly so as not to cause stress, a product of possible anxiety.

– If desired, you can substitute the beef or chicken on the specific days for turkey or white fish (you should avoid consumption of salmon because of its high content of fat).

– To maximize detoxification, once the regimen is complete, a bowl of a whole grain cereal should be consumed to improve the state of the digestive process.

– Due to the nature of the diet, it does not interfere with medical treatments or diseases.

– Physical activity should be limited only to low-intensity exercises such as walking, especially because of the low energy consumption of food.

– Meals must be divided into five daily, respecting especially breakfast, lunch, and dinner. During the morning and afternoon snacks, fruits and vegetables can be consumed as directed by the plan.

– Among other things, the consumption of the following foods should be completely avoided:

* Fruits and vegetables with a high glycemic index, unless otherwise noted.

* Alcoholic beverages and tobacco, as they interfere with the elimination of fat cells.

* The same happens with carbonated or soft drinks, including light or zero. To quench the craving you can drink natural fruit juices and without sugar.

* Biscuits, buns, pasta, and all kinds of foods made from refined flour, due to the high content of fast digesting carbohydrates.

* Sugar and all its derivatives

Before ending it is extremely important to emphasize that this cabbage soup diet plan should be considered as a last resort and should never be adopted as a constant regimen, due to the nutrient deficit it represents for the body. As mentioned above, it is ideal for patients about to undergo surgery or for those looking to reduce their volume, prior to a major event.

It is also highly recommended to consult with a medical specialist before undergoing this or any other dietary plan to assess the risks and to be able to control them if they exist.

7 Day Soup Diet Plan Eating Healthy Vegetable Soup

The last think you want to do on a 7 day soup diet is run out of option.

When you are not eating vegetable soup, the key to getting through is opening the door to new ideas.

The 7 day soup diet not only gives you vegetables you need to max out on nutrition but helps you burn fat helping your lose weight eating. Like other soup diets, the vegetable soup diet is geared for weight loss.

How do I start on a soup diet plan eating vegetable soup?

Just when you were getting tired of the same old diet, there is always the 7 Day Soup Diet plan waiting for you to try out. In this 7 day plan there are days when you boil and eat meat. Overall, it's a great diet plan.

When it comes to burning fat, the 7 day soup diet is worth giving it a shot. Just so you know, it is the soup diet that never ceases to amaze in variety and results you can see after losing weight eating.

In this healthy Slism, we introduce the vegetable soup diet for 7 days giving you a plan of action to get the beast out of your fat burning soup diet.

How to Stretch a Vegetable Soup Diet On For a Whole Week

What makes the 7 day soup diet so attractive is that there is a concise plan making it easy to get through because you already know what you are going to eat well in advance. This alleviates the hassle of planning meals out that can be a struggle in itself.

As for a healthy diet plan, the menu of foods you see in the 7 day vegetable soup diet may be more than you asked for.

Vegetable Soup: 7 Day Diet Meal Plan

The 7 day soup diet is split into separate days each with their own food groups that you will be concentrating on eating. It may seem like a lot at first but as you fill find out throughout the course of a week you can't say you didn't get enough to eat.

On the first day you are going to stick to eating soup and fruits. Eat as much soup as you like. However, that doesn't mean you don't have to set limits for the amount of food you eat. Keep it under 80 percent of what you can really eat. Develop a sense of what is good for your diet and eat it. Whatever you do, stay away from eating bananas.

On the second day you are going to concentrate on eating soup with vegetables. Whether you eat steamed vegetables are raw vegetables, there shouldn't be a problem. Just stay away from frying with oil. On this day you are going to add a little extra to your evening meal. That is either Satsumaimo Japanese sweet potatoes or Jagaimo potatoes. Any tuber works! Don't forget to keep your diet in mind. Day 2 is the only day you are allowed to eat baked potatoes that depending on the preparation method is 130 calories per potato. Eating 1 baked potato versus 3 is highly recommended.

The third day is filled with soup, fruits, and vegetables. Notice how day 3 is combines day 2 and day 1. This will make it easy to figure out what you eat. Like day 2 where you concentrated on eating vegetable, avoid fatty foods cooked with oil. The same goes for bananas. Whatever you do don't eat bananas. You will see why as you move through the 7 day diet plan eating soup.

On the fourth day you are going to finally get to eat that banana you put aside for later. Eat soup and bananas topped off with 500mL of milk (fat free or skim) for best results. Have a banana with every meal. That means you are allowed 3 bananas a day. Don't push it. As you would expect, a banana isn't going to be enough to pin down your appetite. That's where soup comes in. Having a healthy bowl of soup puts you over the edge for enough to push hunger pains aside.

It's day 5 and finally time to start eating meat! As you would expect from eating only vegetables and fruit, your body is starting to feel the effects of lack of protein and fat in your diet. In fact, you may be feeling a little dizzy by now. You are going to need to get some animal protein in your body right away, this instant! Just because you feel like you can eat a cow after obtaining from eating meat for 4 days straight doesn't mean you can't mix it up with soup containing meat such as chicken soup or beef stew. In addition, to getting more meat in your diet, eating tomatoes may be a good idea. As long as its within 6 tomatoes you have nothing to worry about.

In the sixth day we revert back to soup, veggies, and… yes meat! To be precise you are going to want to pick up some stake. It doesn't matter how much you eat as long as it is within 2 to 3 stakes. The amount of veggies you eat doesn't change, except for the part of not eating potatoes. This is not a day to be eating potatoes. Keep it under control.

On the last day you finally get to eat some carbs. That means busting out your favorite bread or bowl of rice. In addition to getting back on board eating carbohydrates you are going to want to pick up some 100% fruit juice, vegetables, and carbs to complements the soup you will be eating.

Benefits of Going on the 7 Day Soup Diet for Weight Loss

Vegetable soup due to the fact that it is low calorie is the foundation of soup diets. Eating low calorie soup not only helps you cut back on calories but gives you room to satisfy your appetite without feeling guilty after eating.

You Can Feel It! - Your Body on the Vegetable Soup Diet

The best soups for your diet are said to contain tomatoes, carrots, onions, green peppers, cabbage, or celery. Any soup contains any one of these vegetables should be added on the list of soups that are going to make you 7 day soup diet work.

For women with chills from time to time, having a bowl of soup helps you warm up your body increasing your core body temperature firing up your metabolism. In addition to keeping preventing chills, you cleanse your body.

Warming up your body improves circulation in your body. With better circulation, you have what it takes to flush out impurities getting a natural cleanse simply by eating soup not to mention the fiber.

Bottom Line of the 7 Day Vegetable Diet

When on any diet there are always things you have to worry about like what to and not to eat. The 7 day soup diet is no different. Here is a list of precautions that may help you get through the week.

  • Stay away from sweets. You are supposed to be on a diet. Don't let your sweet tooth ruin it for you.
  • Minimized the amount of wheat you eat, less bread and especially no cookies.
  • Limit the amount of alcohol you drink. After a day of drinking wait 24 hours before having another drink.
  • Hydrate your body when needed. Drink tea, water, or black coffee to make it through. Only drink 100% fruit juice.
  • When you want to continue after the 7 days of your diet are over, wait 2 days before starting over again.

By Martin Nicholson

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7 Day Vegetable Soup Diet

Hey loves! As many of you have requested, I am back with another weight loss / diet recipe. This time around we will be making the famous vegetable soup diet! This diet recipe is just like the cabbage soup detox diet. However, we use different ingredients. This 7 day soup diet recipe is packed with broccoli, cauliflower, yummy bell green peppers, sweet red bell peppers, onions, carrots, and more!

Since this is a vegetable soup, I like to use low sodium broth ( although regular vegetable broth will work as well!). You can indeed use chicken broth if you’d prefer.

Again, this 7 day weight loss soup diet is just like the cabbage soup diet. The soup its self is like a low glycemic diet. It’s low in sugar & carbs.

Keep in mind that this soup diet is not meant to last longer than 7 days.

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